The digital image archive

There are 1500 images in the digital image archive and the original slides and prints that go with them. These images are mostly from the first twenty-five years (1974-2000). There are many more modern images of CAT on flicker but these are not currently archived at the National Library. The National Library archive of pre-digital era images were selected and scanned by Peter Harper and Sarah Vaughan and many have been tagged with the stories that go with them. We are in the process of making these tags available and collecting more stories through a process we are calling Re-storying the Archive. We hope to extend the re-storying process through this website so that other people can add their photos and stories and will explore funding options to see how we can make this possible.

The archive is divided into 23 main categories, with most categories containing a number of sub-categories. Click on the thumbnails for some sample images.

'1970s visitors after the cottages were renovated'
'A Quarry Kid on the railway tracks that ran around the CAT site'
'A group of volunteers help to build the fishpond'
'CAT in the landscape - 1980s'
'Caravans (sprayed with insulating foam)'
'Chris Weedon showing a school group round the Ecocabins reed bed system'
'Cliff Railway carriages lifted into place early 90s'
'Creatan windmill with Rod James and George Collier'
'Early CAT turbines'
'Early seventies visitor centre'
'Group photo 1978 - staff outside Tea Chest'
'Installing the first hydro turbine at CAT 1974. First and second directors Mark Mathews and Rod James visible'
'Nigel Dudley helps out in the fish farm experiment in the mid 1970s'
'One of CAT's early gardening displays'
'One of the Quarry Kids looking at the bees display'
'Prince Philip Visit '74 Gerard-HRH-Mark'
'Roger White in the Llwyngwern Forge'
'The Mclennan family 1978'
'The solar display - PV and solar thermal'
'Two engineers fixing a broken wind turbine'
'Two volunteers helping to build a fish farm in the 1970s'
'Volunteers and workers constructing inter seasonal storage heater'
'Volunteers move the hydro turbine in Snow'
'Welsh poet and master craftsmen Eirig Humphries re-building the slate walls around the restaurant'